Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day to a Public Employee

Most New York State and County employees are given a gift the first Tuesday following the first Monday of every November (can you tell that law was written by lawyers?).  They are given a day to reflect on the year that has past and the full eight hours that they otherwise would be working can be spent doing anything they desire.

Yes, Election Day is my favorite work day of the year because, well, it's not a work day at all.  It's a random Tuesday off in November.  I understand why the day off began.  It stems from the days when all the government jobs were patronage jobs and all the government employees were given the day off to go work for the person who gave them the job - ferry voters back and forth, stand outside polling places, etc.

I'm not saying we should have the day off, only that I appreciate it.  Not even teachers get this day off.  

But tomorrow does not mean a holiday for me this year.  I'm involved in two large investigations which both have big days tomorrow.  So I will be at the office for a period of time fielding phone calls from law enforcement and helping them on the legal end.  I assure you, I will not be there the full day though.

I get many comments on the blog and emails concerned with prosecutors and the workings of government and the court system.  I post them all and respond to all the emails so long as they are in the realm of an honest discourse.  America is an amazing place because we all have the right to take an opinion and express it to anyone.  I hope all my readers take advantage of their right to vote and their ability to say the direction they want their country, state, and county headed tomorrow.  Don't like the judge?  In New York, most are elected so vote for the other one.  Same for the President on down to the Town Supervisor.  This is our chance to do something about whatever problems exist.

It is a partisan world, where everyone has instant access to a blog, twitter, or Facebook, and can voice their opinions on any topic immediately.  Are people becoming more entrenched in their opinions and more unwilling to compromise or do we just see more of it because of the proliferation of social media? I check my Facebook page and it reads like a roll of DNC and RNC talking points.  I'm all for the expression of political views, but hopefully we can move everyone past toeing the party line and towards making decisions based on the good of the citizens who voted them in office.  

So vote tomorrow.  I will after my half day of work.

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