Friday, November 2, 2012

To Be a Lawyer?

This week, CNN posted an article discussing the top 100 jobs in the coming 10 years.  The criteria seem to be salary, market growth, personal satisfaction, stress level, benefit to society, and flexibility.

The winner?  Biomedical Engineering.  A lawyer was not on the list, which was made up mostly of science, computer, research, and health care jobs.  This is another factor to weigh for those considering law school.  There is a saturated lawyer market, stagnant salaries, and limited growth right now.

Also interesting, there were no public servant jobs, like teaching, on the list.  Since I am both a lawyer and public servant things do not bode well for me apparently.

Check out the article here

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  1. I would agree the job market for lawyers is saturated. But in this country, people will always be suing people so . . .

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