Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scantron, Touch Screens, and Pot

Anyone remember these forms?  It was called a scantron sheet in elementary school and high school.  I remember practicing to completely fill in the bubbles so that the computer could read it properly.

And apparently not much as changed.  As I signed my name to vote, I was handed a manila folder with a sheet of paper inside.  I took it to a long, wooden table, containing three-sided cardboard dividers  that would make Jeopardy! cringe.

It seems that we have inched backward from the polling machines with the curtains and switches.  Isn't John King on CNN touching a television screen and reading real time votes being counted?  Yet, I'm still using a scantron form to vote for president?  There were stories that Florida precincts ran out of paper ballots and had to photocopy more.  What are we doing?  Why can't we figure this out and get into at least the late twentieth century?

In other news last night, two states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana use.  Colorado and Washington become the first states in the union to legalize it.  We will see what the future holds and whether this is a trend or isolated state issues.

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