Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is Law School Worth It?

Lawrence Mitchell, Dean of Case Western Reserve University's law school says it is.  Check it out here.

While reading this and checking some old posts, I discovered I've posted a lot about whether or not to go to law school.  So, instead of rehashing old statements into a new post, I'll just link to them so you can see my opinion.

To Be a Lawyer
To Go or not to Go
Be a Student of Loans
Should I Go to Law School

This was prompted by a flurry of recent emails from law students and recent grads struggling to find work.  I've been thinking about adding a law student/recent grad component to the site for awhile.  Any of you readers/followers please comment or email about what you would like to see.  In the next few posts, I will discuss the types of jobs law students can seek and the advantages or disadvantages of each.  Also, most importantly, how to get the job.

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