Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We Love Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (anyone use that anymore?), google+.  I'm on record by saying I love them all.  People need to brag about their crimes and what better way than in writing on Facebook.  They love to threaten witnesses.  They connect with a group of friends, which makes it easier to show their affiliation with a gang.  They post pictures of themselves smoking weed, brandishing guns, or of their new tattoos.  Plaintiffs in civil cases will post pictures dancing in bars, going for hikes, or lifting heavy objects, all activities they claim they are unable to do.

And they also plan crimes.  The NYPD is increasing their social media presence and investigation unit for gang crime to help stop street violence before it starts.   

Everyone knows that we leave a permanent mark with whatever we post on the internet. Yet no one seems to care.  I'm not complaining.  I'm thankful.  Without stupid criminals, my job wouldn't exist. 
"Facebook Cops" coming soon to a television near you. 

To illustrate the point:

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  1. In Philly we just had 2 recent things where the people posted videos on FB. One was a group of teenage girls who attacked a woman sitting on her front stoop (they were from a surrounding county actually) and that's how it came to light. They were all arrested thank goodness. And someone else just posted a video of a police officer striking a woman at a parade. So yeah, it's crazy! Glad it's helping catch criminals though!

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