Monday, May 6, 2013

Quarterly Stats - April 2013

The numbers went down overall this quarter because I was transferred to a new bureau that focuses on bigger investigations as opposed to single files. One of the biggest investigations I've ever worked on wrapped up last week. It will be fun to discuss - murder, robberies, juveniles, cell phone records, DNA, cell phone tower records and the coordination of about twenty different law enforcement personnel. The wrap-up means the beginning is over, but a trial is coming down the road.

On to the stats for the first quarter of 2013:

Total cases handled: 53 files - Higher than last. Not sure whether that is good or bad.

Number of pleas taken: 21

Number of cases closed after arrest but before indictment: 5

Main reason why: Insufficient evidence
Number of cases where guns were used: 30 
Type of gun in every one of those cases: Handgun

Saddest case: 4 girls jump out of a car and beat and rob a female who was just walking down the street, stealing her shoes and cell phones. The girls ages? 14 and 15.

Youngest defendant: 14 (robbery)

Types of cases handled: gun point robberies, burglaries, car thefts, shootings, gun possession, drug possession, attempted murders, murders, vehicular assault

Worst offender(s) of the quarter: Same as last - a group of young lads who spend three days robbing pizza delivery and taxi drivers. 10 that we know of. Like it's not hard enough to make some money.

Number of defendants given probation and a sealed record that were rearrested for the same charge: 2


  1. That case sounds like it's got everything! Good luck with it.

  2. So sad hearing that kids this young are committing such terrible crimes. This latest case sounds like a movie!