Friday, April 19, 2013

Days to Reflect

The planned post for today did not seem a good fit considering the events in Boston this week, and specifically over the morning hours.

We of course remember the victims of the attacks. The killing of a police officer is another example of how dangerous the job of a police officer is. Every time they pull over a vehicle for a routine traffic stop, they are at risk.

The Boston Marathon bombing may change the shape of major criminal investigations. They crowd sourced some of the investigation to obtain every image and video they could from the events from the public. The media has played a significant role, both good and bad, in the investigation. It may come to play a critical role in the trial, if there is one. This is the first time I can remember that an entire area has been locked down due to the on-going investigation.

There will be a lot to discuss in the coming weeks, but today we will just pray for a safe resolution for all involved in the manhunt.

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  1. The law enforcement team played this out very well. Utilizing the local elected officials to make many of the media briefings helped in two regards: it allowed the cops to focus on the actual job at hand and gave the populace familiar faces to alleviate concerns over any perceived paramilitary siege.