Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interview with a Securities Attorney

We turn the site back to Colin Maguire today. He is the Publicity Editor for the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review and soon to be law school graduate. Contact him at

Colin's latest piece is an interesting interview that gives insight into where a law degree can take you. It's not just criminal law and personal injury cases. It is also sheds light on the financial meltdown and how to avoid another one. I'll let Colin explain:

What do we really know about the world of securities and commodities
trading? Given the events of our still young millennium, we probably
wish we knew more about what was actually happening. Yet, we might
wish we knew less about the sometimes unsavory aspects of the industry

The Thomas M. Cooley Law Review's Colin W. Maguire sat down with Mr.
Joseph H. Spiegel to discuss legal issues in the investment industry.
Mr. Spiegel has represented those on the inside of the industry,
befriended important players in government regulation positions, and
now advocates for victims of investment fraud. With his wealth of
knowledge, he shares compelling stories, insightful suggestions for
legal reforms, and urges us to help fight investment fraud by knowing
the signs.

Please check out the full interview here.

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