Monday, January 28, 2013

It's that Easy?

Who knew?  Want to get out of jail early?  Try the front door.

Twice in the past year, Rocky Marquez has walked right out the front door of his prison prior to serving his full sentence.  In most jails, each inmate is given a wristband (like a hospital band).  They wear it around their wrist.  It is for identification purposes and helps the guards identify each inmate.  It is also for tracking movements to and from court.

Apparently, it takes away the need for looking at someone's face.  Marquez has twice switched his wristband with an inmate due to be released and walked out the front door pretending to be someone else.  In the latest attempt, authorities did not even notice he was missing for five days.

As a society, we want to reward that "outside the box" thinking.  But I doubt anyone will congratulate Mr. Marquez upon his return.  The real question is how does a person convince an inmate about to be released to stay in jail longer?  I can only think of two things - threats or money.

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  1. And where did he get the clothes from? I would think if you tried to walk out the front door in a jail jumpsuit you'd be stopped, no matter what the wristband said.