Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving: A Time for Families and Fake Mustaches

Every year sons and daughters criss-cross the globe, returning to their roots to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  They return to the place that helped create who they are, to give thanks to the people that helped mold them.

And sometimes, they get involved in the family business.

Ronald Scott Catt, his son Hayden, and his daughter Abby were arrested this weekend in a string of bank robberies that stretched from Oregon to Texas.  The father and children team used masks and distinctive vests to commit the robbery and were tracked down via video surveillance and credit cards purchasing the items from Home Depot.

Rumors are circulating that Ronald Scott had lost two jobs in the past two years.  Now, the Scott family gets to spend their Thanksgiving together in close quarters, and possibly many more.

Apparently, the fake mustache didn't work for Hayden.  It did for these two robbers here and here.  Personally, I think it's an insult to real mustaches everywhere, especially during Movember.


  1. Appalling and yeah, that is an insult to moustaches everywhere! LOL

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    1. I gladly post negative comments, but not with curse words. Thank you for reading.