Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Moments Before

Watch the guy in the number 12 jersey.  Pay attention also to the bartender who continues to serve him after he stumbles to the ground.

This 24 year old struck and killed a 14 year old bicyclist after leaving this bar with a .24 BAC.  No one stopped him from getting in his car or stopped serving him.

Who do you think is to blame?  The bar?  The bartender?  His friends?  Or just the driver himself?

Nights like that lead to days like this:

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  1. Ultimately it is probably the guy himself. You have a responsibility to be in charge of your own behavior as an adult. But I think that everyone else shares part of the blame. It's like that abducted kid, Shawn Hornbeck says: "If you see something, say something." The bartender should have flagged him and his friends should not have let him get behind the wheel like that. My heart and prayers go out to the family of the victim.