Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Television on Vacation?

As I compose this quick post, my father and two brothers sit on couches around me, watching television and drinking their morning coffee.  Children run through the giant house we rented on the beach.  The waves crash against the shore just outside the window behind the male members of my family. 

And I repeat, they are watching tv, increasing the volume with the children's noise.  With ocean waves crashing behind them.  They could be drinking their morning coffee watching that.  To be fair, we spend the nights on the porch, sharing stories and jokes, with those ocean waves providing the score to our family musical.

But still, this is vacation.  And where we came from, ocean waves are hundreds of miles away.  Anyone else think this particular activity should be banned on vacation? 


  1. Yes. Unless there is a good football game on.

  2. And being on the computer is the same thing, I guess. I'll justify it by pointing out I'm outside when I do this.

  3. My wife and I gave away our TV about nine years ago (donated it to a NYC Police Station). Now, I can't imagine life with a TV again. I just don't have the time for it, however, I am convinced that if we had one, I would be spending two to three hours a night with it. It just sucks time and space into a black hole. I think the Internet produces the same results (which is why I have begun to stay away from my laptop when I get home at night). The bottom line in my opinion regarding both TV and the Interent is, although you can justify both of them (quality programming, useful information etc.), if you want to make the most of your close relationships and you wish to grow personally, you need to keep them both at bay.

    1. I'm down to a couple of shows a week. Basically, The Office, The MIddle, and sports. Although, I could do without them as well.

      I couldn't agree more that many people use watching TV with others as a substitute for quality time together. When my wife watches some shows, I'll retire to the office and write. I've tried to do better with this by writing in the morning so we can spend time together in the evening that doesn't involve TV.