Friday, August 17, 2012

An Open Letter During Primary Season

Dear faithful readers and new friends who have stumbled upon the site:

     I received an email this week from the American Bar Association.  It asks for nominations to be included in their annual "Blawg 100 Amici," a collection of the 100 best blogs as voted on by readers.  

     Here at prosecutor's discretion, we are an easy sort, not requiring too much of you, the reader.  But you see, this is a presidential election year.  The year when citizens must exercise their right to vote and help guide the course of this country.  

     In the election spirit, I hope you'll consider nominating this blog.  Check out the ABA's site and nomination form here.  They have a few rules and discourage entries from:

  • Blawggers who nominate their own blawgs or nominate blawgs to which they have previously contributed posts.
  • Wives and husbands who nominate their spouses' blawgs. 
  • Employees of law firms who nominate blawgs written by their co-workers.
  • Public relations professionals in the employ of lawyers or law firms who nominate their clients' blawgs.
  • Pairs of blawggers who have clearly entered into a gentlemen's agreement to nominate each other.
     There will be plenty of time for those folks to vote after the nomination process.  If you've ever learned something, enjoyed a story, commented, emailed me, laughed at the blog, found it accidentally when searching for appropriate court attire, or wanted to yell at me, get on over there and vote so we can share the blog with others.  Post a link on your facebook, hit it up on twitter.  

     I'll be nominating some of my favorite blogs.  As for me, I'm heading on vacation for a week.  The day-to-day crime fighter suit needed to be dry cleaned and my family desperately needed some sun.  And with telling you that, I just violated my own rule!  There will be some posts next week, probably pictures to make those at work jealous.  Thanks for reading.



P.S.  Did you check the site out yet?  If not, it's here.


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