Friday, June 22, 2012

Innocence, Bullies, and Humanity

We've had lots of great questions for Carrie Wood from The Innocence Project.  I'm sending her the questions this weekend so either comment or email today.  See here.

On a different note, the below video is disturbing.  A person always feels stronger in a group and sometimes that group is downright evil.  I've previously posted on the mob mentality.  Below is another example of it, with a twist.  Middle school kids ganging up on an elderly bus monitor.  Be warned - there is foul language and it will make you physically ill.

But the worst in humanity brings out the best humans have to offer.  At last count, donors have sent over $400,000 to Karen Klein on the website  It started as an effort to send her on vacation, but is quickly turning into a retirement fund.  Check out the efforts.

There should be a follow-up story on what the punishment is for these kids.  Both from the school and parents.  It is shameful behavior and not a good way for upstate New York to obtain the national spotlight.

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  1. Yes this was deeply disturbing. I remember one news anchor was talking about it and she said, "The problem with kids is adults". I think so much of this comes down to the way you're raised--or not raised. We all need to be more vigilant in teaching our children respect, compassion and kindness toward others. I know this video made me check myself as a parent and make sure I was doing all I could to get those concepts across to my own child.