Monday, May 21, 2012

100 and Counting . . .

Let Rainn Wilson (who plays Dwight Schrute onThe Office) ring in the celebration.
100 POSTS!

Three huge achievements mark this celebration:  1) I'm still employed, 2) My boss has not instructed the removal of any posts, and 3) More people view the blog everyday.

100 posts and I've learned something - I've got a lot to say. 

There's a line in every summation where an attorney can cross over from sharp and engaging rhetoric to over-the-top boredom.  Usually, a five minute window separates the two.

Hopefully, I'm still providing insights into the criminal justice system and the life of an ADA.  I do worry that your eyes are glossing over sometimes, but the stats tell a different story.

With the advice and well wishes of a current prosecutor and former prosecutor, I embarked on this writing journey.  The blog started with just one follower and two views (one being mine and the other my wife).  The follower was (of course) a family member.  100 posts later and there are 27 followers (most of whom I haven't given a birthday present to) and tens of thousands of views. 

Thank you for following.  I hope you are enjoying reading as much as I am writing.  I've got plenty in store for the coming months.  Many of the upcoming posts will allow you to contribute too.  I'll be interviewing a former Legal Aid Attorney in the Bronx and current Innocence Project attorney.  Towards the start of June, I'll be asking readers to submit any questions and we will get as many answered as we can.

There is a terrific community of bloggers out there, which I'm discovering daily.  Check out the blogroll on the right for their work.  Their support has helped the site grow and I hope I'm returning the favor.

There will be 100s more posts coming.  As always, please submit your questions and ideas either in a comment of via email. 

As per a reader request, later this week we'll discuss the life of a New York City ADA.

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