Monday, April 2, 2012

White Collar

An update from trial last week.  I second chaired a younger assistant on an embezzlement case.  Usually, that's when an employee steals from his employer.  Which was exactly the case here.

A general manager for a large coffee store stole over $14,000 from his employer.  He took three deposits and didn't take them to the bank.  Instead, he took them for himself.  There is no DNA or fingerprints in these cases.  It's even better.  There's a paper trail.

As we told the jury, the paper trail is like DNA and it led right to the defendant.  Bank records, employment records, store surveillance, and an accountant all provided the necessary groundwork to prove the defendant's guilt. 

Now that I've seen the books for this coffee chain, I'm thinking about switching careers.  Anyone want to invest? 

I'm kidding.  Kind of.


  1. can you please describe the differences between the jobs on an ADA and an AUSA? Specifically, their daily duties, the types of crimes they handle, and the kind of discretion they have?

    1. Sure. It's a bit longer than a comment can hold. I'll put up a post shortly on the subject.

  2. Hah hah! If the writing thing doesn't work out, maybe we can go in on it together!