Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Avoiding Jury Duty?

Check out this interesting article on someone's journey to find ways to avoid jury duty. 

You can also check out my position on the issue here.


  1. I found that article fascinating, most notably that there's an industry surrounding Trial consultants. It seems to me that my lawyer should know what kind of jurors he wants for my case, how to prepare witnesses, etc. It seems like taking my car to a mechanic for a brake job and having the mechanic say, "I've got to bring in someone to take the tire off, then I'll get to the brakes."

    As for jury duty, the one time I was called I was actually selected, for a civil case involving wrongful death. The day the trial was scheduled to start, we sat around for three hours, got sent to lunch, and then sat for another hour before the judge came out and told us the case was settled. I was actually a bit disappointed, to be honest.

  2. If there's a job, there's industries built to support those jobs. Every day lawyers tell me that the days of a general practice lawyer are dwindling. Legal jobs are becoming highly specialized. "The Runaway Jury" is an example of jury consultants.

    During my last trial, the defendant pled guilty during jury selection. It happens more frequently in civil cases. Your reaction is rare. Most people I see are skipping on their way out of the courthouse.