Friday, November 25, 2011

One Cop's Take

Interesting comment from one of our law enforcement readers. it concerns the last post about cell phones in prison.

A stash of cell phones and cell phone chargers were discovered at an unnamed jail. The facility was flustered as to how they were getting in. Officers expressed a concern about the items out of fear that prisoners could easily smuggle other more dangerous items into the jail.

Turns out, it could be traced back to a work program. Certain inmates were allowed to work outside the jail. The inmates would call their pals on the outside once they found out their work location for the day. The location was supposed to be secret until the prisoners arrived for work, but as in all things in life, someone can always find out ahead of time.

The prisoner's friend would get the property to the prisoner who would then smuggle it in. Since they were supervised during their work shift and considered trustworthy the searches of these inmates upon return were cursory.

Once the program was cancelled, cell phones have not been seen since. Although I doubt that will last long.

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