Thursday, October 13, 2011

Courtroom Conversations

I hope you enjoy some of the comments I hear on a daily basis.

1) An ADA handling an appeal of a robbery case I tried a few years ago called to discuss the case:

Appeals ADA: Do you remember this case?
Pros. Dis.: Sure do. What's the issue?
Appeals ADA: I can't believe we got a conviction with that evidence.

Thanks for the support.

2) During my last trial. The defendant stabbed the victim in the abdomen severing an artery and causing doctors to remove a piece of her stomach. Our witnesses saw the defendant picking up a knife from the ground.

Defendant's father talking to defendant's attorney during a break in the trial:

Damn, you know that b***h is lyin'. You don't get those injuries from stabbin' with no knife. You get it from usin' an icepick.

Thank you sir. I did not discover how he knew that.

3) During a bail argument:

Prosecutor: In addition to the strength of our case, I should note the defendant has forty-three prior convictions.

Defense Attorney: Judge, I would like to note that only two of those are for felonies. And, of those forty-three convictions he has not had one warrant for failing to appear in court.

Judge: He should be very proud. Bail reduction denied.

You have to applaud the effort.


  1. And there goes any chance the rest of us had for Father of the Year.

  2. WOW. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! LOL.